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Journey for goal!!!

Journey to your dreams is a voyage with main purpose.

A person here with a specific purpose to satisfy what he wished. He tries to reach it. The journey is not simple. He never knew that, he cant achieve it without some qualities. Those qualities are great yet simple. continue read on...
Leonardo Da'vinci said-  Fix your course to a star & you can navigate any storm. Goals: Do you mean this. Yes, fixing the goal and knowing the purpose of the goal is important. When you are to a specific goal, your path can be changed with your choices. Your choices determines your destination. When your choices are not reliable for your purpose, it leads to a different destination.

Sleep: When your purpose of life is great and pleasures you, your sleep will surrender in front of your goals. If sleep overcomes your goals, then your goals will surrender. Choice determines destination... Your choices determines your destination!!! Hardships: You suffer a lot of hardships in your journey to achieve…

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