Be a "BEE"!!!

Hello friends, Here is my first view on the living style of a person.
I came across many people wasting their life with some of useless stuffs.
Why is that so?
Do you have answer with that? Then comment below. You are on the earth for something to contribute & do for your environment, society, nation, people. What if you are not in any of the mentioned list? Why you need to live then? Its better to find some lake or well.

Hey my dear countrymen...
Be useful, make useful, discover and invent useful. You are for the reason. Find out the reason. Work for that reason. You know why many are attracted for easy and lazy stuffs? Because they are easy. You are not here to accomplish the easy works. You are here to do more than others.
Your mobile has two reasons over you:
1. To waste your time
2. To make use of your time.

People sitting quite watching something useless, sitting as a rock in front of TV, playing games... Are these useful support for your development? Do you think all the great personalities we are exampled today followed the same?
My answer  is a big "NO". We are unique, creative, innovative and having a wonderful brain the god given to us. Our brain needs food everyday. Not only studies, we have a lot to do. So we need to work for that.

There is a very inspirational insect "BEE". A very small insect no more to say about it and its work. "Be a BEE".  

Now coming to the usage of mobile, I mentioned two points. Coming to 1, Yes this technology has been revolted majority people to waste their time. Why you in mobiles? To use social medias?
Do you think the relationship what we maintain there is true? Are they sustainable?
No, definitely no. Have a relationship with heart not with mobiles. Don't be mechanical, be practical. A conversation with the true related person may bring you peace to mind.

"BEE" works with unity. They live with unity. They work with unity. When any one distract them, they attack with unity. What with human then?

Think my dear friend. You have all options in front of you. Every choice of an option leads to different destinations. Choose the right one. Work with love. Love what you do. Feel blissed with your work. Feel joy in your work. Extract happiness from your work. Utilize 24 hours effectively with consistency. You will be resulted. You will be a "BEE".